Numerous organizations have at least thought about converting to environmentally sustainable practicesIn addition to the fact that this helps protect the world we live in, it also helps both the business and its employees. It feels great realizing that trees are being used responsibly, forests are better protected, and our carbon footprint in the ecosystem is decreased.


Recycled Paper is NOT tree free


When most people consider using sustainable paper, their first idea is using recycled paper. Recycling saves energy, preserves trees, and uses less space in landfills. However, recycled paper is NOT sustainable paper


Paper recycling utilizes more energy when compared to recycling plastic, so it is less earth-friendly. It also requires additional chemicals to remove ink before the paper is prepared. Those chemicals and different solids (such as the ink itself and small fibres) still make their way into the landfill and potentially our water.


Recycling additionally encourages the use of paper. Yes, we need to use paper from multiple sources, You also need to add wood pulp into recycled paper and that predominantly comes from trees. Therefore, the most ideal approach to protect the earth is to use Tree-Free Paper or sustainable handmade paper


The Alternative – Sustainable Tree Free Paper


Recycling is something worth being thankful for, even with its problems. However, there are different ways to create a sustainable paper model and yet make high-quality paper that addresses the issues of alarming concerns about environmental pollution.


Sustainability isn’t just about the environment, even though that is an enormous part of it. To be truly sustainable, ecological, social, and economic sustainability must work together.


The best sustainability model is initially earth-friendly. From that point onward, it addresses the issues of society and the economy. 


With the sustainable practices, we can make use of discarded cotton rags, linen rags, coffee husk, banana fiber, mulberry, corn husk, elephant poo, bagasse, vetiver grass, ragi, tea waste, and flax fibre to name a few., these fibres naturally make high-quality paper without chopping down old-growth forests or even FSC certified forests that are so important to our ecosystem.

Sustainable paper
Handmade sustainable paper
Handmade paper recycled paper banana fiber

What qualifies “eco-friendly” when it comes to eco-friendly paper?


Eco-friendly paper is exactly as the name implies: A greener version of traditional paper or mill made paper, with a zero-carbon footprint and an overall environmental impact. 


There are numerous eco-friendly papers. Amongst those, upcycled paper and recycled paper are the most sustainable paper


Bluecat Paper’s Sustainable Approach


Bluecat Paper uses secondary agro-waste to make sustainable tree-free paper.  Most of the raw materials we use are those that contain over 60% cellulose and can be made into paper. This creates the highest quality pulp and has characteristics that make it ideal for sustainability. 


Our raw materials are discarded waste from the textile industry and agricultural residue after the crop is harvested. The raw materials that we use in the papermaking process are cotton rags, linen rags, coffee husk, banana fiber, mulberry, corn husk, elephant poo, bagasse, vetiver grass, ragi, tea waste, and flax fiber.


Bluecat paper is a product of sleepless nights, feeling around in the dark moments, agonising helplessness and a sum total of several hands-on pursuits.


During the manufacturing process, no chemical added or water wasted nor a single tree felled, which maintains the sustainability quotient at the Bluecat Paper manufacturing plant. We encourage farmers and factories to manage their waste. We employ local communities, which gives back to the local economy and supports their financial stability.


Try Bluecat paper products and feel the difference!


Sustainability is important. We have no planet B  and therefore we have to use our resources wisely. With the right eco-friendly practices, we can create a better paper for a better world.

Bluecat Paper creates well thought out products with a keen eye for design,


Our ethos celebrates zero waste which means that all paper after creating products is recycled back into the paper used for packaging etc.

The products include gift wrap, books, stationery, lights etc.