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tea paper

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tea paper

What is Tea Paper?

Tea paper is made of tea wastes obtained from incorrectly harvested black tea leaves. These are the main waste of tea factories that produce a high amount of tea wastes. Tea waste is another type of agro-waste coming from tea industries.

At Bluecat paper, we use alternatives to wood-based raw materials. All our papers are acid-free, handmade, and tree-free. We use annual plants and agricultural wastes as the raw material resources for pulp and paper production. 

An awareness to sustain the world’s green environment has triggered many efforts to use agricultural wastes as sources of fibers in pulp and paper making industries. 

High consumptions on paper-based products such as corrugated cardboard, packaging, books, and wallpapers have indirectly reflected on the number of trees that need to be chopped to meet the demands. Owing to the environmental concerns, deforestation, and shortage of fibers, we make paper that is made out of agro wastes.  

Making paper out of Tea Waste.

Tea Waste is the alternative raw material for paper production at Bluecat Paper. The paper produced with just tea waste shows poor physical strengths such as low tear index, burst index, and double-fold resistance. These are due to the fiber morphology and chemical components such as low cellulose content and low elasticity coefficient. To overcome the problem, tea waste pulps were mixed with cotton and flax pulps at various ratios.

These papers can make interesting notebooks, journals, books covers, tags, invites, bags. Virtually anything you need.

At Bluecat paper, we make 2 varieties of paper with tea waste. Cooked tea waste paper and uncooked tea waste paper.

Some of the tea wastes are converted into composts but most of them are burned or discarded in landfills. Open burning practised by many tea farmers has negatively affected the environment.

Choose tree free paper. The planet is worth it.