Coffee husk paper

Coffee husk paper

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Coffee husk paper

Coffee husk paper

Wake up. Smell the coffee?

Of course, with coffee paper created at bluecatpaper, you only enjoy the fabulous texture that this paper is ordained with.

Coffee husk is a residual waste of coffee beans, i.e the skin of the coffee bean is called the husk. This husk is often a residual by-product and is discarded by coffee planters after the process which is called pulping. Coffee husk makes beautiful, unique textured paper when mixed with cotton rags and linen rags

There are 2 ways to make this paper

In the first process, the coffee pulp is cleaned, cooked and added to the cotton fibers. The color of the coffee husk slowly mixes with the white cotton adding color to the paper. The bits and pieces of the pulp are as fine as you want them to be. In this method, the coffee pulp is embedded in the sheets making them part of the paper. This gorgeous paper makes bags, gift wrap and is perfect for packaging

In the second process, the dry husk is cleaned and allowed to dry.

The husk is then dropped into the vats and lifted with the cotton the husk is combined with various colors of cotton. The husk adds a n additional texture after the paper is dry. A few pieces of husk is seen falling out of the paper, making this a real sustainable lovers joy.

Be sustainable with your choices in paper. Trees have such less cellulose content, yet they are used and cut down for making paper. The world is full of residual waste. then why not we reduce waste, save trees and water in the process of making tree free paper?

At bluecatpaper we believe in this strongly enough to try. And we are so excited about the results.

Choose tree free paper. The planet is worth it.