Paper mache

paper mache with handmade paper

Our paper mache is made from the pulp of cotton.
We add impressions, designs, and different shapes to give it a form that is both artistic
and visually compelling. Paper mache can be made in several ways.
However the technique, modern or traditional the goal is to create an attractive design using
subtle contours to make sure that everyone will love to display and use.

We use cotton pulp, fullers earth among other ingredients and convert the cotton pulp into a dough.
The dough is then kneaded and made into various shapes and varying thickness.
We also add impressions and layers to make a few interesting designs.
Bowls, placemats, magnets, stationery and home décor pieces are part of the paper mache collections.

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Paper makers are like matchmakers… to attend a proper bonding they have to
create the proper atmosphere and almost perfect chemistry.

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