Contemporary Handmade Paper Useful For Several Purposes is producing stunning handmade paper. It’s ideal for wedding stationery, invitations and craftwork. We also provide a range of beautiful and contemporary handmade Paper for Gift boxes, Favor Boxes, Journals, gift decorations, wedding favours, gift papers and many more.

Handmade paper does turn out to be a little more expensive compared to mill made paper because it’s not mass created by machines like conventional paper. Our Forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate – trees are being felled by the millions to satisfy our need for wood and paper. There is a greater cost involved in the long run while utilizing mill made paper – somebody has to pay for all those trees being cut down as well as the damage being done to the environment.

Choose the Best Contemporary Handmade Paper for Your Need

Try our organic stock made out of recycled paper which we blend with eight different choices of recycled pulp. This adds texture, color, as well as a diverse aroma with each choice, making the end result more individual as well as of course eco-friendly. It’s a perfect way to recycle waste into amazing possibilities. Handmade paper is eco-friendly as cotton rags, as well as other waste products, are converted into something meaningful by recycling. This leads to less deforestation.

Best Eco-Friendly Papers to Save Environment

Handmade paper was initially begun as an eco-friendly choice to mill made paper. To start with handmade paper was developed exclusively for writing as well as gift-wrapping. Over a period of time, the manufactures of handmade paper diversified as well as started making diverse products from handmade paper. These products were simple, trouble-free to create and when made from handmade paper looked extremely eye-catching as well as elegant.

Handmade paper units, on the other hand, are mostly constrained only by partial demand.  In a world where the emphasis is clearly shifting to environment-friendly products as well as production systems, the largely untapped potential of the handmade paper industry cannot be ignored.  

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We love contemporary designs – here is a link to The Design Museum for inspiration