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Our Services

Our Services

Bluecat Paper provides customised services.

custom-made paper

At Bluecat paper, we can make 5,000 to 6,000 sheets of paper a day. We allow customization for any kind of requirements. 


There is something special about a handmade object. And a beautiful, gorgeous piece of handmade paper and paper products is sure to arouse your senses. You sense a person behind the product and not a machine. All our papers are handmade and 100% Tree-Free.

Our designers and artisans work together to bring out ideas into alluring objects of art, which will someday grace your home. Our best practices and proven methods will set you up to care for the imbalance in our ecosystem. About 3.3 million hectares of forests are cleared every year to make paper from trees.


Our vision at ‘Bluecat Paper’, is to make paper without cutting down a single tree. We collect about 20 tonnes of secondary waste from 100 farmers and many factory units each month. We not only pay stakeholders for the waste, but we stop the agro-waste from ending up in landfills. 

In making tree-free paper by upcycling the waste, we also save about 30 tonnes of wood per month and a minimum of 55,000 litres of water a day! 

On the one hand, we help farmers and industries in getting rid of waste, ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfills. On the other hand, we ensure that no trees are cut, water is recycled and no chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Think . Feel . Tree-Free .
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory

Tree – free products

Tree free products are options for sustainable products. Those products that save the environment and don’t use up resources from the environment.
Tree free products are created from trees free paper.
The sources of which include farm waste such as banana, corn husk, flax etc to textile waste such as cotton rags, linen rags termed as`chindi`
Tree free products include and are a perfect substitute for all paper products. However these donot cut trees and instead upcycle waste.
At bluecatpaper, we have a team of designers who design beautiful products from tree free paper. These tree free products are something that you could use as well as gift to your loved ones.
Take a look at our tree free paper products at the bluecatpaper.com/shop
 is a watery affair.

At Bluecat Paper emphasis is laid on the conservation of water and natural resources.
Our inspiration arises from recognizing the need to upcycle and recycle.

Paper has always been a passion. So has ways to reduce harm to the environment.
All of the above without compromising creativity.

Bluecat paper aspires to tick all of the boxes.

Handmade paper products

What is handmade paper.

Handmade paper is paper made by hands. Simply put this is a process that involves making paper from scratch and is normally a small number. Handmade paper implies that it is niche, its is expensive and it is limited. Apart from tis handmade paper is also ecofriendly.

As most paper is made from trees, the paper industry is unfortunately tree centric. However when you ae handmade paper you are in the genre of people who can use other gibers such as coffee husk, corn husk, mulberry, flax and even elephant poo to make paper.
Handmade products are mostly made from handmade paper. These include books, bags, wine bags, gift wraps

Handmade paper products tend to have texture in them as they are hand lifted in the mold.
They are widely appreciated as their beauty is unparalleled.

At bluecatpaper handmade paper products are from a wide range of fibers as mentioned above.

Use handmade paper that is tree free. It is 100% upcycled. recycled. sustainable

Customised . TreeFree .