Coconut paper

Coconut paper

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Coconut husk paper or Coconut paper

Paper is crucial to humanity because we write down several invaluable pieces of information on paper. We pass on knowledge to our future generation through paper. However, only a few think about other ways to produce paper instead of cutting trees for paper. At bluecat paper, we don’t cut trees for paper

Coconut husk Is perfect For papermaking

Making your own paper offers you control over the colours and textures. The paper may then be used in a variety of projects including card making, scrapbooking as well as paper art. Infusion of Coconut fibre or coir adds further texture to the paper.

Coir is a by-product of the coconut industry. Made up of the hair like strands located between the coconut’s husk and fruit, it is brown and durable. While added to paper it lends a vibrant fibrous appearance and texture, as well as strengthening the paper.

Coconut Fiber Has The Potential To Replace Wood in Paper Making

Coconut coir contains cellulose, it can be used in pulp manufacturing. It can also be utilized in the manufacture of composite materials consisting of a combination of coir fiber paper pulp and pulp formation of HVS.

Furthermore, fiber pulp fibers having the highest levels of alpha-cellulose mixed with pulp from waste paper utilized as raw material in the manufacture of composite paper. Then form a composite paper features such as strong pull, the ability to absorb ink, writing ability and endurance has been tested. The process of producing this kind of paper is quite complicated. They require cutting some parts of coconut husk into little pieces, cooking them, chopping, beating and finally sheet formation. Thereafter sheet soft paper is created in the vat and cloth is pressed between each of paper. After the drying process, you will then have a large coconut paper sheet that is a beautiful dark brown color.

This art has been perfected by Bluecat paper, where we collect coconut husk from various farms, do the above process and create handmade paper that is both unique and visually compelling. It is both a joy and a sense of pride that we take to convert these into books, journals, greeting cards and art supplies.

Go green. Go coconut. Don’t cut trees for paper. Use the bluecat handmade paper way. This is our inspiration

Go Tree Free.