Hemp Paper

Hemp Paper

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Hemp Paper – Natural Handmade Paper

This is a popular paper and is commonly used worldwide in the form of rolling papers, canvases and archival papers as well.  The chemical composition of hemp hurds is similar to that of wood, making hemp a good choice as a raw material for manufacturing paper. There is a high content of hemp and the fibers are strong thereby being of better quality than tree paper or wood pulp paper.

Hemp is an extremely versatile and fast-growing plant and can be used to make clothing, textiles, plastics, paint, biofuel, food, and paper as well.  At Bluecatpaper, we take hemp fibers and soak them in water for a day to soften. Hemp plants can contain up to 85% cellulose, while trees generally only contain up to 30% cellulose.  This makes hemp an ideal choice for turning into paper.

At times we add cotton fibers to enhance the smoothness of the hemp paper, Hemp papers can also be used for personal products such as toilet paper and sanitary pads. Unlike plastic, the decomposing of hemp is natural and therefore makes this product highly sustainable and eco friendly.

We obtain hemp fiber from Uttarakhand and now hemp paper is gaining popularity for archival papers as well. This is because most hemp papers are acid-free and are therefore long-lasting.

The water used is recycled back into production making hemp papers a good choice for tree-free paper lovers.

Save trees. Save forests. Use hemp papers.