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About bluecat paper

about bluecat paper

Bluecat Paper was started in 2018 with a focus on creating 100% TREE-FREE & sustainable paper products.

The idea of Bluecatpaper came into existence with a strong vision and focus.

In 2018, our founder Ms Kavya Madappa set up the project ‘Bluecat Paper’.

Bluecatpaper produces 100% TREE-FREE PAPER & sustainable handmade paper and products. The paper produced is upcycled and recycled without cutting down trees.


That tree paper or paper made from wood pulp contains only 30% -40% cellulose? This means that trees are not a good source for the paper, to begin with then WHY, are they being felled for making paper? In order to make up for this, chemicals are added to the papermaking process resulting in the paper being harmful to the environment l as well as wasting thousands of liters of water.

At Bluecat Paper, we use residual waste that is very high in cellulose. Therefore we do not add chemicals. This, in turn, makes it easy for us to recycle water back into production. Yes, we don’t waste water at Bluecat Paper and we are certainly proud of it!!

Papermaking needs water and liters of it!!

Our factory at Bluecatpaper has an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) on the premises, which recycles water that can be utilized again in production. We efficiently recycle the water, and it is easy to do so when you add no chemicals. The paper is acid-free and is handmade

At Bluecat Paper, our beautiful papers are created without wood pulp. Instead, we use the pulp of cotton rags, linen rags, coffee husk, banana fiber, mulberry, corn husk, elephant poo, bagasse, vetiver grass, ragi, tea waste, and flax fiber to name a few. We also create handmade paper products suitable for gifting and packaging. Truly Hip. Truly Handmade.

The papers are proudly tree-free. When you choose Bluecatpaper, you choose to save trees.

We manufacture beautiful, aesthetic, and sustainable handmade paper that is upcycled and where the water is recycled. These products are 100% environment-friendly. Our designers and artisans work together to bring to you paper and paper products that are both visually compelling as well as unique. There is exciting synchronicity between nature, plant fiber, and papermaking.

“The paper industry consumes 42% of all the wood felled industrially every year and its share of the world’s cleared forest is an area of about three million hectares annually.” It’s ridiculous to cut 50,000 trees at one go. A tree needs to grow at least 8 – 12 years before it can be cut for paper. But by this time, it has its own little ecosystem. Therefore vast forests get cut down making paper very expensive for planet earth

At Bluecat paper, we use agricultural waste as raw material for the papermaking process. The quality of “tree-free paper” is far superior to the ones made from wood pulp.

We hope that “tree-free paper” becomes mainstream. At Bluecat paper, we make 5,000 to 6,000 sheets of paper a day”. But this number is a trifle compared to the lakhs of sheets manufactured at a paper mill every day.

“Paper isn’t a big deal”  We don’t even think we are wasting paper because it is cheap… But it comes at a price for planet Earth.”

Think . Feel . Tree-Free .
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory
Bluecat paper factory

earth-friendly products

Paper is a watery affair.
At Bluecat Paper emphasis is laid on the conservation of water and natural resources.
Our inspiration arises from recognizing the need to upcycle and recycle.

Paper has always been a passion. So has ways to reduce harm to the environment.
All of the above without compromising creativity.

Bluecat paper aspires to tick all of the boxes.

water and environment

We are proud to emphasize the technique of recycling water in the pursuit of sustainability.
A state of art water treatment plant has been installed that allows the water
to be recycled and reused for production processes.
This makes our paper both eco-friendly and sustainable.
Its good for the environment. Its good for you

Bluecat paper aspires to tick all of the boxes.

Save water. Save the planet.