about us

Bluecat Paper was started in 2018 with a focus on creating handmade, recycled and, up cycled paper and paper products.

Think . Feel . Handmade

earth-friendly products

Paper is a watery affair.
At Bluecat Paper emphasis is laid on the conservation of water and natural resources.
Our inspiration arises from recognizing the need to upcycle and recycle.

Paper has always been a passion. So has ways to reduce harm to the environment.
All of the above without compromising creativity.

Bluecat paper aspires to tick all of the boxes.

water and environment

We are proud to emphasize the technique of recycling water in the pursuit of sustainability.
A state of art water treatment plant has been installed that allows the water
to be recycled and reused for production processes.
This makes our paper both eco-friendly and sustainable.
Its good for the environment. Its good for you

Bluecat paper aspires to tick all of the boxes.

Save water. Save the planet.

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