Lemongrass paper

Lemongrass paper

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Lemongrass paper

Lemongrass is mostly a perennial plant. It grows in several states in India. Lemongrass was introduced almost a century ago in India and is now cultivated for commercial purposes. The oil extraction is one such commercial use. After the extraction of oil, the residual grass is a by-product that is often discarded.

Lemongrass paper is made after the extraction process of the oil. The grass is then steamed and made into sheets of paper. Both papers are 100% natural and a great example of upcycling and can be used for printing, writing and packaging. However, this has shown great potential to be turned into paper. The process of extraction somehow seems to strengthen the fibers for paper making. The fibers are beautiful and strong and turn into smooth resilient paper. Cotton fibers are added to further smoothen the paper.

This is a great example of upcycling, as this residual waste is often burned down and can contribute to pollution and landfill waste.

The uses of lemon grass are many.
Stationery set, visiting cards, wedding cards are only a few attractive options for our lovely discerning customers.
The others are gift wrapping, books, journals and calendars.

Available in various colors using natural vegetable and plant dyes.

Lemongrass paper is a great example of tree-free paper.

Support tree-free paper. Because the planet is worth it.

Beautiful. Versatile. Lemongrass paper.