Lemongrass Paper Serves For Different Purpose

Bluecatpaper.com has Lemongrass Paper in stock. These rich and tasty colors leave your paper stock appetite completely satisfied as well as are richly pleasing to your eyes. The surface structure is delicately smooth as well as the colors range in a palette of more than a dozen modern shades perfect for stylish projects.

Used For Several Applications

Lemongrass Paper is used for scrapbooking, card making, as well as paper art. Lemongrass Paper may be utilized as decoration. It may be pasted onto the walls of a room; this is called wallpaper. Paper may be utilized to wrap gifts. This is called wrapping paper or gift wrap. Lemon grass paper paper are strong as well as may be used in boxes as well as other packaging material.

Designed With Creativeness And Care For The Environment

Special developed product for the organic industry, based on Lemongrass, the natural fibre.  Lemon grass is used for extraction of lemon grass oil. Thereafter the dry lemon grass is burnt ekse used for fuel which acta as a pollutant to the environment. At bluecatppaer, we have tied up with the lemon grass oil manufacturers who send us their dry discarded lemon grass . then a process similar to the manner below is conducted at the bluecatpaper factory  i.e ,cutting the lemon grass into little pieces, cooking them, chopping , beating and finally sheet making. Thereafter sheet soft paper is created in the vat and cloth is pressed between each of paper The raw materials in the recipe are subject to strict quality control to offer a uniform product at all time.

Lemongrass paper is generated as well as developed with creativity and care for the environment – utilizing  an eco-friendly manufacturing procedure that’s far more advanced than standard recycling processes. Lemongrass paper that has served its intended purpose as well as has been separated from solid waste to be recycled into new paper. Quite normally, it is easily the garbage which individuals routinely discard, either in a waste receptacle or a dump, or by littering, incinerating. Quite commonly, it is simple the garbage that individuals routinely discard, either in a waste. At Bluecat paper we are proud to save trees and keep them for the birds. We are also proud that we can convert discarded lemon grass into creating beautiful strong paper. Indeed the joy of a unique plant paper is unlike no other!