Banana fiber paper

Banana fiber paper

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Banana fiber paper or Banana paper

Go bananas for this strong, translucent, ever-popular banana paper.

Banana fiber is extracted from the stumps of cut banana plants. Once the banana fiber is extracted, it needs to be cut in pieces of 3 inches long and cooked, as cooking removes lignin that does not help in paper formation. 
At bluecat paper, we developed a tissue former machine that can help us create smooth beautiful and strong banana tissue paper.

The fiber from the banana stump makes for strong and unique paper. This beautiful paper is both natural and environment friendly. The translucency adds appeal that makes it an ideal for paper lights and wall artefacts.

At bluecatpaper we also have an option of cotton banana paper, that smoothens the paper down to make it easier to write and print on banana fiber paper is another great addition to our range of tree-free paper.

You don’t need to cut trees for paper. Let’s choose cleaner options.
Reduce waste, reduce wastage of water. Save trees.
Opting for clean paper help the environment and saves trees.

Banana paper is used in lights, artwork, sketching and can be turned into beautiful journals and notebooks as well.

The paper is screen print and ink jet friendly.

Available in gsm ranging from 30 to 280

What is Banana Paper?

Banana Paper is created from disposed of banana stems. The banana fruit develops only once. After harvesting the fruit, farmers cut the “banana tree ”to replace these with new baby banana plants. These farmers cut the old stems and burn them. These stems are full of `pith` and fiber. Banana stems contain cellulose in the fiber that is perfect for paper making.

Typically in banana farming, the stems of the plants are chopped off as well as thrown away once the fruits are sold. These wasted stems typically lay around in the farm as well as clearing them would cost the farmer. You now have extraction machines that help extract the fiber from the stump. There is about 3% fiber available in most stumps.

Uses of Banana Paper

Banana paper is utilized in two diverse ways, one refers to the paper created from the bark of the banana plant which is mostly useful for artistic purposes; the other to make lights as they have a gorgeous translucency to this paper. The paper may look fragile, but therein lies its beauty. It is strong and resilient and can take shapes and forms once brushed with methylcellulose

Banana Paper Is Eco-Friendly

Our organic banana papers are created from tree-free agricultural bio-products to make wonderful paper that supports laser printers and inkjet printers. Both the agricultural by-product of the plantations create solid waste issues worldwide and using this to make paper helps combat these issues.

On one hand, you save trees. The other you help upcycle and reduce waste and stop burning. This paper is a perfect example of how upcycling can help change the planet. The utilization of banana papers aids conserve our natural resources and creates sustainable paper.— printer. Acid-free paper will not disintegrate or yellow over time. At Bluecatpaper we use this method of converting banana stumps into paper and therefore encourage sustainability and clean paper. Banana Paper is an award-winning paper in the industry as it saves trees. It is 100 % sustainable.

Go bananas…paper.

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