What is Banana Paper?

Banana Paper is created from disposed of (a waste product) banana stems. The banana fruit develops only once. After harvesting the fruit, farmers have to cut the “banana tree” to ensure a new fruit to produce. The farmers cut the stem as well as throw it outside. The vital ingredient in both tree paper, as well as banana paper, is fiber. Banana stems contain a good fiber that we utilize in our banana paper making. Typically in banana farming, the stems of the plants are chopped off as well as thrown away once the fruits are sold. These wasted stems typically lay around in the farm as well as clearing from the land would cost a farmer almost little cost. Now, however, a new technology plant has maintained to produce eco-friendly banana paper out of these banana stems.

Uses of Banana Paper

Banana paper is utilized in two diverse ways, one refers to a paper created from the bark of the banana plant as well as which is mostly useful for artistic purposes; the other to paper generated from banana fiber obtained, through an industrial procedure, from stems as well as the non-utilizable fruits. This paper might be either hand or machine-made.

Banana Paper Is Eco-Friendly

Our organic banana papers are created from tree-free agricultural bio-products to make a wonderful paper that supports laser printers. Both the agricultural by-product of the plantations as well as the post-consumer paper make grave solid waste issues worldwide aid combat both with these tree-free papers. The post-consumer paper that has been utilized by consumers as well as collected through several recycling programs. The utilization of banana papers aids conserve our natural resources Environmentally preferable — contains Banana Fiber along with post-consumer recycled content. Banana Paper offers the best printing in your copier or in your laser or inkjet printer. Acid-free paper will not disintegrate or yellow over time. At Bluecatpaper we use this method of converting banana stumps into paper and therefore encourage sustainability and clean paper. Banana Paper is an award-winning paper in the industry as it saves trees.