Rice Stubble paper

Rice Stubble paper

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Rice Stubble paper

What is rice stubble?

Rice stubble is the vegetative part of the rice plant (Oryza sativa L.), that remains after the cutting of rice fields during grain harvest or after. Rice stubble burning is a common issue in north India causing the pollution in Delhi to rise multiple levels. The nutrients present in the stubble are wasted in burning.
Burning leads to the ground temperature rising and the soil drying up, necessitating additional water for irrigation.

When Navinder Singh Narang, a friend of our founder Ms, Kavya Madappa suggested that rice stubble could be made into an alternate source of paper, the team at bluecatpaper were excited
Soon we tried and developed rice stubble paper that makes for a lovely strong paper.
Adding of cotton or flax fibers adds to the strength of the paper.

This paper is print-friendly.

Rice stubble paper is a new addition to the range of bluecat paper tree-free paper and products. Rice stubble paper is perfect for wedding cards, envelopes, boxes and stationery.
Save the environment. choose for rice stubble paper. Make the change. Help incentivize farmers to stop burning their fields.

Stop burning rice stubble. Make paper instead.