Wedding Invites

Wedding Invites

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Wedding Invites

Handmade wedding invitations are preferred by people to move a step further to go green. We at Blue Cat Paper are well-aware of the same concern and offer you the best range of paper – hand-made and eco-friendly.

While we like to stay focussed on papermaking, we do have a team of exceptionally talented and experienced designers, printers, and calligraphers who can put your imagination onto the wedding invitations.

We have multiple options in paper for wedding invitations: Seed paper, cotton rag paper…

All our papers are made from natural raw materials, our papers are tree free and have a luxurious feel. We make every effort to conserve water and resources in making our paper. We add no chemicals or other agents to ensure that our process is as environmentally friendly as possible.

We use organic dyes from plant extraction and water-based dyes. We try to give back to our planet and save the environment from harsh chemicals.

By including seeds we close the lifecycle of our invitation paper goods. Our seed papers nourish the soil and clean the air as the seeds turn to sprouts and become flowers.

Go Tree Free. Go Sustainable.