Tips and tricks to reduce plastic waste.

What is Plastic Free July?

Plastic Free July was started in Australia. In recent years it has spread to Asia, Europe, and the USA. It is a global movement to reduce plastic pollution and the main goal of Plastic Free July is to avoid disposable products, specifically single-use plastics, in the month of July.

Continue reading to learn more about controlling the use of plastic in your day to day life.

Refusing one- time use of plastic is a great way to challenge yourself to live more sustainably and help the planet along the way. 

We’ve got some tips to help you forgo that plastic habit for good!

Refuse the ‘Top 4’ offenders

As per the research single-use plastic bags, water bottles, takeaway coffee cups, and straws are considered as the “TOP 4” offenders in plastic pollution

  • Refuse Single-Use Plastic Bags

Make it a habit to carry your own reusable bag when you go out shopping. We have multiple options available for shopping bags and storage bags or paper sacks.  You can use tree free paper packaging instead of plastic. We have many  Handmade Paper Bags, Cloth bags, eco-friendly bags, or bags made of natural fibers.

  • Refuse  Disposable Coffee Cups

If you are determined to go plastic-free, then no powers in the universe can stop you from achieving it. Always carry one of those multi-use coffee cups in your bag. You can find varieties of coffee cups, ceramic mugs, metal thermos which are worth your investment. 

  • Refuse Plastic Water Bottles

We all need water as it is one of the most important aspects of our daily life. Hydrate regularly without resorting to a disposable plastic water bottle. Always carry your own reusable bottle. You find many options in metal or glass bottles. They look great and are more hygienic too

  • Refuse Plastic Straws

Reusable straws are taking over the world and for a good cause!  Although most of us can simply ditch the straws, we have grown accustomed to accepting every form of convenience.  Do opt for Paper straws or metal straws that are easily available.

Go Beyond Single-Use

The best reusable is the one that you bring with you, keep them with you, and remember to keep them clean.  As you begin to stop using the single-use plastic, you will be a master in using reusable items.

There’s a Plastic-free alternative out there for everything. For example toothpaste, dish soap, ketchup, online shopping orders, lotion, sponges, and many more to mention.

Host a Clean Up

Our environment is already full of plastic litter, reducing our plastic consumption can be a solution for further damage. Selecting your local area and hosting a clean-up is a wonderful way to take care of our environment and protect the natural sources.

Eat Real Food

Eating real food refers to fresh food and not store-bought ready-made food. Try to buy fresh veggies and cut down the processed food. When you start eating fresh, you ultimately end up buying anything that is processed or packaged with plastic. Eating fresh not just improves your health but they taste better. You ultimately end up leading a healthy lifestyle.

Research the Alternatives

If you find yourself stuck in ways to discover plastic-free eco-friendly products, just ask Google for a life hack. 

Try DIY for Your Daily Needs

DIY is fun and it makes you innovative in many ways. For example – Make your own personal care products and spend some time on it. It is very therapeutic and when it’s done you feel proud of yourself.

Don’t Go Insane

You always feel disheartened and hopeless when you see plastic everywhere, and that is because ‘plastic is everywhere’. Birds eat plastic and die, turtles get entangled in it and die, seals become trapped in old plastic fishing nets and die, fish (which we eat) are full of it and die (when we eat them). WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE! 

The whole point to take up such initiatives, to help cut down the use of plastic. This eventually leads to a decrease in plastic manufacturing and helping the environment-friendly companies to do their bit for nature.

Spread the Word

Always keep a positive attitude, and spread the word about your new plastic-free journey. We need to do mindful actions and learn the ways that help the environment heal.  #PlasticFreeJuly

The concept of Plastic Free July is still very new but events have already started popping up around the world. 

Plastic products are cheaper, sure we get it. But at the cost of the planet and risk that plastic particles can harm innocent animals, it’s just not worth it save trees