Now here is a unique way to send flowers to your loved ones.

It is a whole lot cheaper and smaller than a bouquet.

With seed paper, sow these seeds and reap the fruits of love

What is seed paper?

Seed paper is paper that has seeds in them. They are unique and it can also be called plantable paper.

Seed paper is the new rebellion against deforestation. This paper is the ultimate answer to all the unethical practices against nature. Plantable seed paper is an eco-friendly version of the paper. It is handmade and totally biodegradable.

Seed paper can be torn into bits and planted in the soil. Upon careful nurturing the seeds germinate and grow into little plants. Carrots, basil, mustard, and tomatoes are a few sturdy seeds. Plantable seed paper has no chemicals and therefore safeguards the seed embedded on them.

While seed embedded paper easily decomposes in the soil, the seed inside begins to germinate. “save trees, grow more plants.” This paper is both eco-friendly and sustainable.

Plants from seed paper

At Bluecatpaper we make these seed paper by upcycling secondary agro-waste and textile waste. Our plantable seed paper and paper products have both social and environmental value.

Seed-embedded, plantable paper products, which have been around for a while, have popped up all over the eco-friendly product market. Plantable goods, which run the gamut from coffee cups to wedding confetti, offer a great way to share the gift of vegetables, herbs, or flowers while reducing waste.

What are the benefits of seed paper?

The Earth weeps for every tree that has been cut down.

We take this initiative to wipe off mama Earth’s tears. Seed paper is 100% sustainable, handmade, recycled, and upcycled.

It is even “planet cruelty-free.” This term might sound alien to some of us, but it is only legit. We have no clue how brutal we have been to our planet. With this fascinating seed paper, we can make sure the Earth restores its faith in kindness.

Seed paper has to be the most desirable option for all single-use paper, like gift tags and gift wraps. They are the perfect match for eco-friendly planet savers. Seed paper has a good texture that is perfect for writing, drawing, painting, and printing.

As if this isn’t reason enough, plantable seed paper products can be dyed with water-based organic colors. So, you are assured of an exceptional quality product that is eco-friendly as well.

It’s ideal for wedding cards and invites. Greeting cards, single-use coasters are also a few options. If we use seed paper, we can reduce the waste by planting the seed paper and watch it grow into a few plants. The little seeds embedded in the paper makes it even more sophisticated.

How is seed paper eco-friendly?

At Bluecat Paper, seed paper is made from tree-free paper. Tree free paper is made from sources of mulberry, cotton rags, linen rags, banana, and corn husk, which is very eco friendly. The seeds last a long time in the paper as the paper is free of chemicals. Our paper decomposes quickly enough in the soil, allowing the seeds to germinate. This makes seed paper an ideal example of being eco friendly and sustainable

How do you make seed paper?

Seed paper is lovingly made in the Bluecat Paper factory in the following manner.

Cotton rags, banana fiber, and linen rags are beaten to a pulp and made ready for paper making. Once we begin the papermaking process, we throw in the seeds thereby lifting each sheet of paper with seeds on them. After the paper is dried and calendared, we have seed paper with us. These seeds will stay embedded for a very long time. The paper itself is handmade and is very strong.

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How to include plantable seed paper products into your lifestyle

There are lots of fun, creative, stylish ways to include eco-friendly plantable seed paper goods into your life. Sow the seeds of your imagination (and your plantable paper) beyond these examples.

Party favors – Wine tags, gift tags, patches, and plantable favor boxes are all great ways to green a party or wedding reception.

Business cards – Stand out from the corporate pack with unique and environmentally-friendly business cards.

Stationery and cards – Don’t just send a card: Send a card that keeps on giving in the form of vegetables, herbs, or flowers.

Invitations – Your future guests will be excited to attend your event and remember it every time they see the beautiful plants grown from your invitation.

Bookmarks – Reading just got a whole lot greener. If your plantable bookmark starts to get tattered, then it’s time to give it new life: Plant it and watch it grow.

Wedding gifts – Blooming boxes make for an eco-friendly and symbolic gift: Couples can plant the box together and watch flowers grow along with their love for each other.

Wedding confetti – Shower the happy couple with confetti that can grow after the celebration.

The best way to put seed paper products to use is for their intended purpose. Regardless of whether you make or purchase your own or receive plantable goods as a gift, be sure to plant them to reduce waste and grow food or pretty flowers.