Handmade paper is that gorgeous textured feely paper.

Do you know how handmade paper is made?

True paper is made from a material that contains cellulose and has been broken into tiny fibers called ` pulp`

Paper needs only two main ingredients i.e water and pulp. The water drains through the fibers thereby forming a sheet when dried and pressed.

This is possible only through a process of `couching` ( pronounced kooching) and is made by hand. Thereby making ` handmade papers` oh -so- special.`

Handmade paper is versatile so it can be converted into a whole range of interesting products. And that exactly how we do it at Bluecatpaper. The tree-free paper factory


Interesting origami folds is a joy and delight with their textured feel when lights are on

Handmade Paper LightHandmade Paper Lights


Perfect for writing in the clean non-toxic paper, for those inspirational thoughts. Poetry too

Handmade Paper Lights


Nothing like being a journal on plant fiber paper. The fiber is strong and will encourage you to keep those resolutions

Table Décor

Yes, brighten up your table with table mats coated with beeswax. It’s sure to make a point of conversation at the dinner table


Flaunt your tree- free paper folders. You are earth- friendly and make sure that everybody knows that

Wrapping Paper

Your special presents need some special wrapping. Screen printing with water-based inks make paper from Bluecatpaper really special


Amazing coasters to make your tea and coffee breaks happier. Yes, we all need to go the sustainable way. Do your bit. Use only tree-free paper products


Our bunny, bear and cat bookmarks will make sure your earmarked page is intact and make you smile every time you see it

Magazine Holders

Handmade paper magazine holders are so sturdy and special with water-based printed designs. An awesome gift to give a friend who needs to declutter

Gift Bags

Bags made from flax fiber. These handmade bags make sure that you can carry your things in style