Paper Lampshade – Flower Lamp Shade


The stunning Flower design lamp naturally becomes the focal point of any room.

Adding up a unique drama, our lamps fill the space with soft light and natural cosiness, which enhances the ambience. Our pendant lights are made of tree-free papers.

Cotton rag paper, banana fibre paper and flax fiber paper, they are unique in quality with strength, texture and colour.
Two layers of folded papers, in a wireframe, makes the lamp look extraordinary, like a fire lit flower ball, floating in space.

The lamp is ideal for a dining room, reading corner, empty spaces, e.g. art gallery, museum etc.

The lamp gives out a diffused dramatic light, which will brighten up the mood and enhances the beauty of the room


Paper Lampshade

  • Don’t cut trees for paper
  • Flower design Paper lampshade
  • Use paper made from banana fiber.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, Choose earth-friendly products.

Additional information

Weight2 kg
Type of design

contemporary paper ambient lights


banana paper/ white-bleached flax tissue paper/cotton rag paper


dia- 24 inches, H- 10.5 inches

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