Diwali Gift Wraps – Screen printed pineapple design (Set of 3)


This Diwali gift wraps includes a set of 3 gift wraps in 2 different kinds of paper. 

  • 2 White cotton Paper & 1 lemongrass Paper with pineapple patterns
  • Each sheet measures 23 x 33 inches 
  • Design is printed on only one side of our sustainable cotton and lemongrass handmade paper.
  • This wrap is rolled in a postal tube so as to avoid any unsightly fold marks on your beautifully wrapped presents.
  • Listing is for gift wrap only: props are not included :)
  • Save trees. Choose tree-free paper

Please note that all products are handmade and therefore small imperfections or differences in shape, size, or colour may occur, (particularly due to the nature of the printing process and the eco-friendly materials used).



Diwali Gift Wraps

Our gorgeous handmade gift wrapping paper is 100% Tree-free. Which makes it the most sustainable form of paper around. It is perfect to add a little whimsy to your packages. It has greater tensile, bursting, tearing, and double-fold strength compared to conventional paper.

Our Diwali gift wrap is printed on white cotton paper and lemongrass paper. This wrapping paper has a luxurious feel, which produces great coverage and nice crisp edges. Screen printed designs – blue, brown and gold pineapple.

Unique and traditionally designed, sophisticated, 100% eco-friendly, and sustainable handmade gift wrapping paper, Crafting Paper, and Book Binding Paper.


Additional information

Weight.400 kg
Dimensions23.4 × 33.1 in
Color of the paper

1 White
1 Beige

Color of the print

Dark green, beige, light peach and black


28 x 19.5 inches


2 sheets


Packaged in a tube
20 x 3.5 in (l x b)


Upcycled cotton handmade paper, linen paper, eco-friendly paper, printed designs.


250 Grams


90 – 120

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