The Bluecat Paper Web Stories 


By Kavya Madappa

November 14, 2020

Can you talk about your journey to papermaker and becoming the founder of Bluecat Paper


Bluecatpaper was an epiphany of sorts. I love trees and I grew up in coorg, the coffee district of India. For more -

How do you source raw materials and how do you recycle water back in to production?


At Bluecat paper, we accumulate and collect all secondary and residual waste such as waste cotton hosiery from textile industries, coffee husk , mulberry, corn husk, lemon grass among other fibres, For more -

Can you talk about the creative process of making paper at bluecat paper.


Bluecatpaper uses water that is recycled and softened in order to maintain the pH value of the water. The water is neutral and this helps improve the quality of the paper. For more -

Is sustainable paper a scalable process


When my interest was piqued in handmade paper, I did a few courses in paper making and also met and spoke to a few paper makers. For more -