Beautiful Features Of Handmade Lemongrass Paper

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Lemongrass is mostly a perennial plant.

After the extraction of oil, the residual grass is a by-product that is often discarded.

Lemongrass Fibers

These artistic A5 journals have double-sided covers created using lemongrass paper.

Lemongrass Paper A5 Journal

Lemongrass residual fiber is used in making paper and this paper is lovingly handmade by the Bluecat Paper team.

Calendar - Lemongrass Paper 

The grass is steamed and added into the beater to form a pulp and made into sheets of paper. Lemongrass paper is 100% natural and a great example of upcycling.

How do you make lemongrass paper?

The uses of lemongrass are many, can be used for printing, writing and packaging. However, lemongrass fibers has shown great potential to be turned into paper.

Stationery sets, visiting cards, wedding cards, journal covers, watercolour paper, calligraphy paper, calendars, books, journals, gift wrapping paper are only a few attractive products created from lemongrass paper but we have a lot to offer.

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