Eco-friendly Gift wrapping paper


Premium quality

Handmade paper

Rose Prints Gift Wrapping Paper – Made From Plant Fiber Paper

Handmade rose prints gift wrapping paper created using mulberry bark fibers and banana stem fibers.  So unique. So special!


Hand Printed Bell Flowers Gift Wrap – Large Cotton Rag Paper

Available in three colours prints on gorgeous white cotton paper –  Grey, Purple, and Green! This special gift wrap series is also used for wrapping gifts, scrapbooking, book cover, drawer-liners, and whatever piques your interest.


Abstract Art Patterns Gift Wrapping Paper – Hand Drawn Circles 

Our Tree-Free handmade gift wrapping paper is created using residual cotton rags and Flax fibers from textile factories and farms. This makes it the most earth-friendly paper in the world!!


Designer Gift Wrap – Blue Floral Design – Navy Blue and Sky Blue Flower Prints

Our handmade paper gift wraps are created from 100% Tree-free paper. This eco-friendly paper is the perfect gift wrapping paper for all occasions. 



The TD-1M Cordless Circular Saw features 3,700 rpm for fast rip and cross cuts, carbide tip blade to maintain sharpness, and high strength shoe and upper guard for increased durability.