Assorted Handmade Paper

Coffee and Tea Paper

Plant Fiber Paper

Handmade Cotton Paper

12  colors that include natural reds, pinks, greens, greys, mauve,  peach, blacks, blues and white. 2 of each colour 100% handmade cotton paper and tree-free paper. Eco friendly paper. Gsm 150-220

Coffee Paper and Tea Paper

5 varieties of assorted coffee tea paper. 5  of each = 25 papers. The assorted paper created from the coffee husk and tea leaves, this paper is one of a kind. Colours vary from light, dark brown to a deep blue-grey hue.

Plant Fiber Paper

The pack includes 3 sheets each of the following varieties of Plant papers. Banana paper, Coconut paper, Flax paper, Purple Mulberry paper,  Lemongrass paper, Sugarcane paper & Blue sugarcane paper. Each of these paper is 100% sustainable.


Handmade Scrapbook

Handmade Bookmarks