Welcome to the world of tree-free paper

Did you know? You don’t need to cut trees for paper

What is Tree Free Paper ? We design and create our themed collection of handmade papers with secondary by-products such as cotton, coffee, elephant poo and other plant fibres.

The raw material is upcycled and water is recycled.

Our Designers and artisans bring to you paper and paper products that are both visually compelling as well as unique.

When the idea bluecat paper was conceived, it was most appealing that we were not cutting down trees to make our beautiful paper. As a result, at bluecatpaper, we accumulate and collect all waste such as cotton hosiery from textile industries, coffee husk, mulberry sticks, corn husk, lemongrass, flax, banana and rice stubble from farmlands to create Tree Free Paper.

Thereafter we cook, pulp, beat the fiber and lovingly form it into paper sheets.

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