Sustainable paper

Sustainable paper

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Sustainable paper

what is sustainability? what are sustainable products?

sustainable products mean those; the quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance:  Paper as we know it comes from a tree. A tree is part of the environment. Even trees that are planted to make paper ( FSC) eventually form an ecosystem that is supported by microorganisms, plants and other animals that call it home.

When you cut trees you are destroying the ecosystem and causing damage to the environment.
Therefore clearly paper is not a sustainable product.

So how can you make sustainable paper?

Paper needs 2 main ingredients. Cellulose and water. Most fibers that have over 65% cellulose can be turned into paper.
Let us then explore what materials are available to do that instead of only cutting trees?

Cotton rags, linen rags waste from textile industries, lemongrass waste after extraction of lemongrass, coffee husk waste after the pulping process of coffee beans. Corn husk after the removal of corn, flax and residual fibers. Mulberry sticks after removal of leaves is another source of high cellulose fiber. This residual waste that normally ends up in a landfill or burning and causing pollution can indeed be turned into fine beautiful paper.

This is sustainable paper and we are so proud at bluecatpaper to be associated with doing this.

At bluecatpaper, we create sustainable paper. we obtain the raw material from the farmers and make sure we save trees.

Choose tree free paper. It’s sustainable. It helps the environment.

Go Tree Free. Go Sustainable.