Paper Sacks -Linen Stitch – golden yellow dots (set of 2)


  • This unique linen handmade storage stitched sack with golden yellow dots screen-printed design is made of Eco-friendly handmade and sustainable paper.
  • The raw material is up cycled, and the water is recycled. Durable and reusable many times over.
  • Once placed and arranged into shape, the paper sack becomes a design object in any room. This gorgeous storage bag can be used to store stationery as well as items in your wardrobe.
  • Hand stitched paper sacks for storage, toy box, paper bag, pot, basket, bins.
  • Set of 2 paper sacks in S, M

– Medium – Diameter = 16 cm & H = 21 cm.

– Small – Diameter = 15 cm & H = 20 cm.



Paper Sacks

  • Storage linen paper sacks are unique and original.
  • Don’t cut trees for paper, this product is made handmade.
  • Reduce carbon footprint, Choose earth-friendly products.
  • Paper from the fabulous fiber! and this gorgeous rebellious paper is strong and perfect
  • Converted into beautiful strong paper.
  • A painstaking cleaning and cooking process give us this fabulous paper that can be anything you want it to be.
  • Where art meets practicality. Created with raw material that is up cycle and water is recycled.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by using recycled sacks for storage.

Additional information

Weight.250 kg

Brown with golden yellow dots screen print.

Used for

Storage of stationery, personal accessories, wardrobe items, gifting ideas, storage organizer.


Linen handmade paper, Flex fibers paper, Tree-free paper


Medium, Diameter = 16 cm & H = 21 cm.
Small, Diameter = 15 cm & H = 20 cm.

Paper Finish

Smooth texture.

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