Handmade banana paper journal Olive-Green Coffee (Size 21 x 14 CM)


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Our handmade olive-green coffee Handmade banana paper journal is a finely cut, hand sewn journal that comes with Coptic binding. There is no need to cut down trees to make beautiful journals when you can use natural materials to create gorgeous journals that offer the same use.

The journal is perfect for day to day use, as it offers you a simple yet charming design that fits your collection perfectly.

Wrapped with an olive-green paper jacket this coffee banana paper journal comes with quality pages and attractive binding. Bringing forward smooth 80 sheets of fine cut coffee banana paper, which is later hand sewn by our skilled artisans. We ensure that all our notebooks are free from any glue or adhesive, so you can enjoy a completely up cycled notebook journal.

– Paper: 100% Recycled

– Production: Handmade

– Size: 21 x 14 cm (H x L)

Out of stock



Handmade banana paper journal

  • Can be personalized at an additional cost.
  • These coffee banana papers are fine cut. 
  • Don’t cut trees for paper and notebooks.
  • Support sustainable products.




Additional information

Weight.60 kg

Olive green, biscuit spear leaf print.


Perfect for daily reflections; self-awareness and just to
get you writing again.


Handmade papers, Coffee banana papers, white linen wax thread and banana fiber cord tie-up.


21 x 14 cm (H x L), 80 sheets.



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