Fun Facts And All The Questions Around Plantable Paper!

What is seed paper?

Seed paper is a one of a kind tree-free paper. Usually made with cotton rags, the seeds are thrown in during the papermaking process. This embeds the seed within the paper.  When  Tree free Paper decomposes in the soil, the seed inside begins to germinate. This is a perfect example of “save trees. grow more plants “

Very simply put, seed paper is paper with seeds embedded in it- it really is just that! the theory is, you can simply plant seed paper when you’re done, thereby creating less paper waste while also making more flowers (for the bees of course!) or vegetables(for you).

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What is plantable seed paper?

Plantable paper is referred to as paper that has seeds in them. All seed infused paper can be made into bits and planted in the soil. If you nurture these seeds carefully, they will germinate and grow into little plants.

Sturdy seeds like Carrots, basil, mustard, and tomatoes are the most preferred seeds. Plantable seed paper has no chemicals, and therefore safeguard the seed embedded in them. They are eco friendly and sustainable

How to make seed paper?

Seed paper is made with love and care in the bluecatpaper factory in the following manner.

cotton rags, linen rags, and banana fibers are beaten to a pulp and made ready for paper making.

Once we begin the paper-making process, we throw in the seeds thereby lifting each sheet of paper with seeds on them. After the paper is dried and calendared, we have our beautiful seed paper with us.

Else, you can also make your own seed paper

Just soak paper bits that you’d ordinarily recycle in water until it is mushy. Then take this slushy mush and whizz it up in a blender to make pulp. Then add the pulp to water, mix in seeds, and then use a wired mesh frame to lift it up. Once it has been lifted you need to press it onto a dry towel and wait for it to dry.

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Does seed paper really work?

Yes, seed embedded paper works well if you use sturdy seeds such as mustard and basil. Tear the seed paper into bits, plant it in soil, and water it. The seeds should germinate in 7-10 days

How long does Seed Paper last?

The seeds will stay embedded for a very long time if it’s stored in moderate conditions. The seed paper is usually made from cotton paper, lemongrass paper, and flax paper. The paper is handmade and it is very strong and sturdy paper.

Is seed paper tree-free?

Seed paper need not necessarily be seed-free. Normal tree-paper contains about 60 to 80 chemicals, the chances of decomposition of the paper and seeds germinating are drastically reduced. Therefore, seed paper should be tree-free paper, as this is conducive for the seeds to turn into plants. However, at Bluecatpaper, this seed paper is 100% tree-free.

How is seed paper eco-friendly?

Seed paper is mostly made from tree-free paper. Tree-free paper is made from sources of mulberry, cotton rags, linen rags, banana and corn husk which is very eco-friendly.

The seeds will last a long time in the paper as this paper is free of chemicals. The handmade paper also decomposes quickly enough in the soil, allowing the seeds to germinate. This makes seed paper an ideal example of being eco-friendly and sustainable

What do you do with seed paper?

Seed paper is literally paper with seeds embedded into it. When this paper is placed on top of the soil and watered, it will germinate and begin sprouting seedlings. Eventually, the paper will decompose and leave the seedlings to grow into mature plants.

What are the uses of seed-paper?

Seed paper is unique. Seed paper is the ideal option for all single-use paper, such as gift tags, wedding invites, confetti, seed paper envelopes, greeting cards, and gift wraps. They are the perfect match for eco-friendly planet savers for their wedding cards and invites. Greeting cards, single-use coasters are also a few options. Instead of discarding the paper after use, with seed paper you can plant the paper and grow a few plants.

Seed paper is 100% sustainable, handmade, recycled and upcycled.

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Is Seed Paper expensive?

If you are likely to put it in monetary terms, this plantable seed embedded paper might cost you an extra buck, but it is definitely cheaper than the sinful paper in every other aspect

how to plant seed paper?

Place your seed paper on soil that is slightly compressed, but not too hard-packed. Add 1/8 inch of soil on top of the paper and pour a good amount of water. After that, make sure it’s always moist and in a sunny spot. You should see sprouts within 7-10 days!

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Can you print on seed paper?

Yes. Bluecat Paper seed paper sheets contain seeds that have been selected because they have been easy to grow and smaller in size so the paper is smooth and more suitable to print.

Our paper has deckled edge and smooth, trimmed edges and can be used for a variety of printing methods, however, results will vary.

Can you write on seed paper?

Most writing instruments write well on handmade plantable seed paper, including ballpoint, rollerball and calligraphy markers. Don’t forget to test a new pen on a sheet of seed paper before beginning your project to confirm the results.

Is seed paper biodegradable?

Plantable paper is a biodegradable eco-paper that is made with post-consumer materials (no trees harmed for this paper!) and embedded with seeds. Plant the seeds in a pot of soil and the seeds grow and the paper composts away. All you get is flowers, herbs or vegetables, and no waste.

What seeds are in seed paper?

Small and tiny seeds are best for plantable seed paper, particularly if you plan to write on them. Seeds that work the best are flower seeds, a wildflower mix, or even herbs and vegetables.

What bluecat paper is doing differently in the handmade seed paper vertical?

At Bluecat paper, we focus on creating the cleanest paper in the world. Our handmade papers are lovingly created and designed with cotton, linen, coffee husk and other residual plant fibers such as lemongrass, corn husk, mulberry, banana, flax and elephant poo.

Our raw material is upcycled and water is recycled. Our designers and artisans work together to bring to you tree-free paper and products that are both visually compelling as well as unique.

Bluecat paper is creating favourable conditions, which heals our planet earth!

Save trees. Save planet earth – Always choose handmade and tree-free paper.

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