Linen Carry Bag (L) – beige waves print, jute rope handles


  • Paper from the fabulous flax fiber!.
  • Converted into beautiful strong paper.
  • A painstaking cleaning and cooking process give us this fabulous paper that can be anything
    you want it to be.
  • Where art meets practicality. Created with raw material that is up cycle and water is recycled.
  • Carry Bag is with two jute rope handles.
  • The paper is made from flax fibers.
  • This makes the bag a perfect, charming and unique way of gifting on special occasions.
  • Beige waves print.
  • Set of 2.





  • Linen paper carry bag with beige waves print, an Eco-paper bag with handles, large shopping bag, gift packaging, birthday, party favors, wedding bag.
  • Don’t cut trees for paper, Use paper made from flax fibers.
  • This gorgeous rebellious paper is strong and perfect for packaging special gifts.
  • Reduce carbon footprint, Choose earth-friendly products.
  • Dimensions:- 14.5″ X 10″ X 4″ (L X W X B).


Additional information


Brown, beige waves print.

Used For

Gifting, Large shopping bag, Birthday gift bag, Party favors, Wedding bag etc.


Linen paper and Jute rope.


14.5″ X 10″ X 4″ (L X W X B)