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Handmade Paper is traditionally made utilizing many vegetable fibers or cotton rags another way is to use recycled paper. These fibers are obtained from a mixture of plant species. Each fiber has its physical properties as well as lends a peculiar characteristic to the paper. The handmade paper may be classified primarily by the sheet making process. Being one of the most ancient old industries, However, Indians are credited to have utilized paper made from cellulose fibers even. The leaves of palm trees were the tool of lettering in India in the olden times.

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Healthy and Beautiful Handmade Papers Serves Large Purposes

Handmade Paper Europe is a remarkable example of recycling at work. It was, in fact, concern about the removal of forests, coupled with a rehabilitated interest in the quality of papers that created the new study of the paper maker’s materials, especially the pulps and fibers. The raw materials utilised in handmade papers range from all manner of vegetable matter (including leaves, tree, Banana tree and flowers), old ropes, canvas, linen, new & old cotton Rags. Any raw material may be utilized as long as it has fibers competent in forming a continuous sheet. Handmade paper is not only eco-friendly exactly is recyclable as well. The entire process of getting this paper is done by hand. No dangerous chemicals are used in the making of handmade paper. The texture and variety is generated by adding various natural products like flower grass, petals, leaves, silk threads, agro products as well as many more.

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