Even though FSC paper is from protected forests, they still use trees as a source of their paper making. that means forests, whether protected or not, are destroyed in the bargain. the ecosystem that supports forests is surely destroyed. Trees do not grow in a year. They need 6-8 years of growth before they are cut down for paper. Most  Fsc paper is made in paper mills using chemicals. FSc paper is made from trees and trees do not have high cellulose content. This makes the use of chemicals important as they then prevent smudging and provide easy access for printing.

On the other hand, Tree-free paper uses material that is high in cellulose, discarded by-product waste and virtually no chemicals to create paper. Tree paper is handmade and the water is easily recycled. Tree free papers sources include and are not limited to corn husk, coffee husk, banana, elephant poo, flax, mulberry, cotton rags and linen rags.

 Use of tree paper can protect FSC forests as well.