Eco Friendly Paper

Did you know about Eco Friendly Paper? 

  • 40% of the commercially cut timber is used for the production of paper?
  • Recycled paper causes as much damage as regular paper.
  • That the life cycle of paper is harmful from the beginning to the end.
  • That prior to 1790 all paper was made from cotton rags and plant fiber
  • There is very less difference of harmful effects between plastic and paper from a tree.

It is the very answers to these questions that got me interested in this line of tree-free paper making. When the idea of Bluecat paper was conceived, it was most appealing that we were not cutting down trees to make our beautiful paper.

Bluecat paper is a product of sleepless nights, feeling around in the dark moments, agonizing helplessness and a sum total of several hands-on pursuits.