Eco friendly Gift Wraps For Occasions All Year Round

Every holiday season, we throw nearly 25% more trash than any other time of the year. A huge part of this unsettling number includes the materials used for gift wraps. The non-recyclable shiny and glittery gift wrapping paper, plastic bows, and ribbons always end up in landfills.

The real problem is purchasing excessive quantities of these non-recyclable gift wrapper material and decoratives, and then throwing them out once the gifts are unwrapped.

Eco-friendly is certainly a buzzword at the moment and rightly so. It’s a wave that we hope is here to stay.

Most of us have been aware of the need to behave in a different way with consumer products for many, many years now, whilst others have been far slower to catch up.

Many of us are far from perfect. For example, we’re really good with all the recycling, managing food waste, etc. BUT are we brave enough to leave all our packaging behind in a supermarket? Probably not or we are still doubtful; unless there is a crowd of people doing it and most of us are still figuring a way out.

So… at Bluecat Paper we’re doing our bit in reducing carbon footprint and we are proud of what we have achieved so far.

In our business, we’ve noticed a change in how our customers think. Most customers have been asking questions about eco-friendly gift wrapping paper. 

A few years ago, not many people were bothered about the eco-friendly options available for gift wraps. Not many people were concerned about the growing damage to the planet.

We’re often astounded that some people still don’t realise that glittery paper and extremely shiny paper cannot be recycled. Even surprising, most people think eco-friendly is only about brown paper!

Nothing is further from the truth. Kraft paper is as harmful as regular paper. Kraft paper uses trees as its raw material. Recycled paper still requires wood pulp or chemicals to strengthen the paper.

At Bluecat Paper, we have launched a new range of Designer Gift wraps made from Plant fiber paper and cotton paper. We have this brilliant idea that will address the environmental issues we face in our day to to day lives.

We have many amazing things in the Eco-friendly and sustainable field. So, for this holiday season, we have designed an utterly gorgeous gift wrapping paper made from Mulberry paper, Tea paper, Cotton paper, Banana paper to name a few.

Our designs are to die for; so chic and original, and the paper feels so sturdy and is a pleasure to cut and wrap with. This is due to the reason that our paper is free from most harmful chemicals and the water used is has a neutral PH value

Our new gift wrapping paper includes:

Gift wraps
Gift wrap
Wrapping paper

These gift wraps made from plant fibers and is far greener than any other shiny wrap we know. That’s right….. shiny! So you can get that fancy and sophisticated feel and look and be ‘green’.

Gift wraps from Bluecat Paper are the cleanest and the greenest gift wraps in the world. The colors are trendy, the designs are sophisticated, the paper quality is beautiful and the prices are affordable. What more can we be happy about??

For all you fabulous `green` people out here; the ones looking for an eco-friendly alternative to regular wrapping paper; is a one-stop solution for all your paper gifting needs.

Our paper is upcycled, we use water-based inks. We save trees and water. Our paper-making processes help us save about 30 tons of wood per month and a minimum of 55,000+ liters of water daily, which is so hip & great for the environment. On top of all of that, Bluecat Paper company is owned by a woman entrepreneur!

Best of all, you can feel fashionably eco-conscious and have no guilt doing elaborate gift wrapping jobs because the paper is recyclable and locally sourced. Whenever you use this gift wrap people are sure to notice it and wonder more about it.

There’s your chance to educate them about tree-free paper and help more join the eco-conscious bandwagon!

Screen printed gift wraps scaled
Floral christmas gift wrap scaled
Wrapping paper