Deckle Edge Paper Is Perfect for Paper Making

A deckle is a removable wooden frame or fence utilized in hand papermaking. In a related sense, also known as deckle edge paper—a kind paper with rough cut edges used in the book trade. The deckle is dipped into a vat of water and paper pulp that has been beaten (fibrillated). The pulp is rapidly scooped out of the vat and the mould and deckle is shaken as excess water is drained off. The deckle is then removed, and the newly formed sheet is “couched” (set) onto felts.

Fibre that has been beaten longer generally requires more time to drain. Once drained the papers are hand-pressed or pressed with a hydraulic machine to remove excess water to form a deckle-edged paper.

Deckle Edge Paper Making Process

For those who do not know about deckle edge paper, the thin, incomplete edges that result from traditional paper making methods. During the paper making process, a deckle – or wooden fence – is placed in the mould to stay the paper slurry within bounds as well as control the final size of the resulting paper sheet. During the paper generating method, some of the paper slurry passes under the deckle and forms an irregular, thin feathered edge.

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Deckle edge is the mark of handmade paper, it forms when the water that is pressed out from the pulp, during the pressing process. At bluecat paper, we are proud to create journals notebooks, art books, envelopes, stationery sets with deckle edges. This is a superior handmade product to own as each sheet is lovingly pressed by our papermakers at the factory. So, go ahead, own a deckle edges product!

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