bluecat is green

Water & Environment

What do we mean by bluecat is green

We are proud to emphasize the technique of recycling water in the pursuit of sustainability.
A state of art water treatment plant has been installed that allows the water to be recycled and reused for production processes.
This makes our paper both eco-friendly and sustainable.
It’s good for the environment. It’s good for you

Acid Free Paper

Know more about our environment

Save water.Save Trees Save the planet.

Bluecat Paper is now a proud member of RSB


The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is a global membership organisation that drives the just and sustainable transition to a bio-based and circular economy.

RSB’s sustainability framework has been developed by its multi-stakeholder membership, and is a uniquely robust and credible foundation for supporting innovative solutions to the climate crisis. RSB uses this foundation to develop projects, new knowledge and solutions that equip key decision-makers to deliver net positive impacts for people and the planet.