At Bluecatpaper we celebrate the artists who have taken a step to focus upon Tree-Free paper which is eco-friendly, viable & sustainable in nature. 🌏❤🌲

This week’s Artist: Tiasa Ray
⁠Instagram: @tiasaray

Tiasa Ray is a singer-songwriter, artist, and a sucker for art.

Art for Tiasa means freedom of expression. She loves to play with colors more because colors can influence the deepest parts of our brains unconsciously.

Tiasa likes writing poetry on handmade paper and even typing it out on her typewriter. She claims it to be very therapeutic for her.

Tell us about yourself and your work

Hi. I am Tiasa Ray, a singer-songwriter, artist and a writer. I am a sucker for art.

Painting is one of my hobbies that is oddly therapeutic for me spiritually and emotionally. For me art means freedom of expression. I love to play with colors more because colors can influence the deepest parts of our brains unconsciously.

Some colors would make you hungry, mad, anxious. Some will make you feel serene, calm and sad or etc because each color has certain frequencies that can make you feel things unconsciously or consciously.

So, for me, art means diving into the unknown. For me, art means expressing your deepest self that your conscious mind isn’t even aware of.

There are days when after meditating I play with colors, I end up painting something that I don’t even know how I painted it. As if, I am just a medium. As if somebody is painting through me. It’s different for every artist.

I am a moody one, so I paint only when I see visions and have weird sensations. I give myself that space, time and respect. I don’t hustle. I go with the flow of ‘life.’

How did you find out about the tree-free paper that Bluecatpaper makes?

Honestly, not long ago. I was stalking your products that are listed on amazon and then one fine day I searched on google “Bluecat paper” and I found out the website and stalked a hell lot and I was so surprised that people like you guys still exist in this dire time who are working towards a beautiful mission and have grand dreams.

I was awestruck. I was like, “I need to save a hell lotta money and buy all the papers!”

I like writing poetry on handmade paper on my typewriter. It’s so therapeutic. I heartily bless you guys. The world needs people like you guys. Making a conscious effort towards this big dream “tree-free papers” is INCREDIBLE!

How does Bluecat Paper make your work unique?

I wrote numerous numbers of hand-typed poetry on bluecat papers and made handmade poetry books for many clients. Painted a few.

It’s not about the uniqueness of my work, it’s about that conscious choice I made with you guys to spend on something that’s worth it.

The very conscious effort of you guys is unique. You guys make all artists’ work unique in their own beautiful ways. I truly appreciate you guys.

What’s your process like while working on Bluecat Paper’s product?

It’s different every time. I can hardly explain the process because it’s weird in many ways.

What other materials do you use along with Bluecat Paper?

Well, my cute red typewriter. Haha! For now, I used watercolor, acrylic paints, and fountain pens.

What advice do you have for artists starting with Bluecat Paper?

Congratulations! From now on, make that conscious choice before spending! Go with the companies that value our mother nature, that work for a good cause.

Do you have a favourite project or piece?

Every abstract painting of mine has a spiritual aspect to it but I don’t have a favorite one because by far the colors that I had seen in my vision for every artwork, my damn fingers could not even execute the exact way I saw it in my dreams or in visions while meditating. I like all of them, but none of them are perfect to me.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

Wanted to include this poem of mine,


So, I’m wide awake,
2 am in a queen-size bed
cold and dead I lie with a pen
n’ half sunk paper red.

Moonlight Sonata playing on loop
a piece of art of solitude
inks get blurred and words bleed,
giving up so easily
how swiftly memories fade.

autumn leaves fall
n’ create the mood of colours on the street,
snows fall and bury the beauty
so, do the numbers increase.

do you not reverse?
growing old is hypocritical
you give me days or take away my days?
anyway, you can cut the thread
and set me free
so that my soul can raise.

I do not fear you anymore
I left you behind
when you left me all alone
in the dark rays.

The range of paper from Bluecatpaper includes the following.

cotton rag paper | coffee husk paper | corn husk paper | linen paper | seed paper | elephant poo paper |

hemp paper | mulberry paper | flax paper | lemongrass paper | banana paper | rice stubble paper |

coconut paper

Which paper did you use?

I have only used cotton fibers one.

Which would you like to pick next?

All of them. Literally all of them!

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