At Bluecatpaper we celebrate the artists who have taken a step to focus upon Tree-Free paper which is eco-friendly, viable & sustainable in nature.        🌏❤🌲

This week’s Artist: Sanjana Balaji
⁠Instagram: @sanjana_br

Sanjana is an architect by profession and an art enthusiast at heart.

She gets inspired to create art by observing things and scenarios that happen around her. My favourite thing about art is to discover new textures and patterns.

Sanjana says using Bluecat paper products makes her feel great and less guilty about the damage to the environment. The concept of tree-free paper makes her artworks even more special.

Tell us about yourself and your work

I’m Sanjana, an architect by profession and an art enthusiast at heart. I get inspired to create art by observing things and scenarios that happen around me. I enjoy dabbling between different mediums to create art that is unique and different in its own respect, whilst remaining cohesive. My favourite thing about art has to be discovering new textures and patterns.

How did you find out about the tree-free paper that Bluecatpaper makes?

I have to thank Instagram’s explore page for helping me find your page.

How does Bluecat Paper make your work unique? 

The fact that the Bluecat’s paper are tree-free makes me feel great (and less guilty about the damage to the environment)  about using the products and makes me want to work that much more on new pieces.

What’s your process like while working on Bluecat Paper’s product?

I have an affinity to test new mediums and materials that work together. Sometimes, they work brilliantly, and sometimes, they don’t. In general, this has always been my process with art.

What other materials do you use along with Bluecat Paper?

Until now, I have used pens of a million colours from numerous brands, brilliantly hued drawing inks, impressive gouache and some stunningly radiant gold foil.

What advice do you have for artists starting with Bluecat Paper?

Experiment to your heart’s content and never stop creating magic. And, in the meanwhile, you can feel good about using the paper because it is ethically made.

Do you have a favourite project or piece?

No, I do not think so, and I think I speak for most creative people when I say this- I enjoy a piece as I am doing it and once that piece is done I move on to the next idea, the next favorite project.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

It would be an absolute dream to get Bluecat papers in larger dimensions or the form of rolls.

The range of paper from Bluecatpaper includes the following.

cotton rag paper | coffee husk paper | corn husk paper | linen paper | seed paperelephant poo paper |

hemp paper | mulberry paper | flax paper | lemongrass paper | banana paper | rice stubble paper |

coconut paper

Which paper did you use?

The one I have experimented with until now, is the Linen paper and I’m obsessed with how exquisite it looks and luxurious it feels to use.

Which would you like to pick next?

Rice stubble and linen sound very interesting. Also, I definitely want to continue experimenting with hemp paper. I love them so much!

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