Bluecatpaper is so excited to choose artists who are not only talented but who care for the planet too 🌏❤️

This week’s Artist: Sakshi Sureka⁠
⁠Instagram: @sakshicalligraphy

Sakshi is a very talented calligrapher, lettering artist, graphic designer, and crafter. She is a professionalist and cares about the client’s satisfaction for the work she has delivered. 

Sakshi loves the textures of Bluecat Paper’s coffee and tea paper and she says it makes her writing more beautiful.

Tell us about yourself and your work

I’m a calligrapher, lettering artist, graphic designer, and a Crafter based in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, a state in India. I absolutely love drawing letters anytime and anywhere.

I have been doing Calligraphy since I was 7/8 years old and started my business in the Year 2019 after completing Masters in Entrepreneurship from Mumbai.

I have attended many workshops on Calligraphy when I was in Mumbai for 6 years and an intensive workshop for Copperplate and Spencerian Script under the mentorship of the Master Penwomen – Barbara Calzolari from Italy.

I have also done a Fundamentals of Flourishing Calligraphy Course from Master Penman Jake Weidmann from the USA.

Apart from Calligraphy I also make hampers, party decor stuffs. I have loved craft since childhood and I couldn’t be happier to choose it as my career.

My aim is to add a touch of personalisation to every gift. Every time I do a commission, I’m constantly waiting for the feedback. It’s very important to me that my clients should be satisfied with their orders.

How did you find out about the tree-free paper that Bluecatpaper makes?

I have a habit of searching for all the products on amazon first. And when I saw bluecat paper in the results of handmade paper, there was something that made me go and check out the bluecat website. And I’m happy that I did because bluecat has a lot of things in spite of just handmade papers. Being a Calligrapher, I know how much paper we need in our daily lives – to practice, work, scribble and I was amazed to see that there is a company that makes tree-free paper.

How does Bluecat Paper make your work unique? 

The textures of bluecat paper are different from other papers. I love the textures of coffee and tea paper the most. It’s really unique and makes my writing more beautiful. Also, the number of shades of bluecat paper has is really amazing. I was so confused the first time which shades to order and which one to leave. All the shades are so beautiful.

What’s your process like while working on Bluecat Paper’s product?

The process is simple, nothing extraordinary. I draw the lines with calligraphy stencils on the paper and take my brush pen or oblique holder and start writing. And when I need to make bookmarks, place cards – I cut the paper with the trimmer to the desired size I want.

What other materials do you use along with Bluecat Paper?

To make guidelines, I use Calligraphy stencils from OriAndCalli by Avinash Kharat. I use Dr. PH Martin Inks with an Oblique Holder to write. I mostly use Nikko G and Hunt 101 nibs to write. To erase the guidelines afterwards, I use a black eraser from Tombow.

Sometimes, I like to write with brush pens, markers as well. My favourite one to write on bluecat paper is Zig Gold Marker. The gold marker looks amazing on black cotton tree-free paper.

What advice do you have for artists starting with Bluecat Paper?

To my fellow artist, I would like to say that never give up on what you want to do. Practise makes progress. Even if now your nib gets stuck while writing on handmade papers, you’ll make it one day.

It is a little difficult to write on handmade papers as compared to normal sheets but it is possible for everyone. Just practice and keep faith in yourself and your skill.

Handmade Paper makes our Calligraphy look way beautiful and Bluecat paper has amazing shades of paper to mix and match with different inks to write.

Do you have a favourite project or piece?

Recently for my father’s birthday, I wrote him a letter on the handmade paper from bluecat paper and his reaction was worthless which definitely makes it a memorable one for me.

Also, my favourite commission was when I designed a ‘Happy Envelope’ for a client’s best friend. It had a Scrapbook, Bookmarks, Place card, and a handwritten letter inside a sealed envelope. It was definitely a thoughtful and heartfelt gift and I loved making it.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

In the year 2019, I was visiting Patna and thought of hosting my first workshop over there. I was surprised to see the outcome of just a thought. Around 40 people turned up for the workshop. I actually had to say no to many since I had only 40 kits which I took with me from Mumbai. It is commendable how the Calligraphy community is spreading and making its way in India as well.

The range of paper from Bluecatpaper includes the following.

cotton rag paper | coffee husk paper | corn husk paper | linen paper | seed paperelephant poo paper |

hemp paper | mulberry paper | flax paper | lemongrass paper | banana paper | rice stubble paper |

coconut paper

Which paper did you use?

I have used cotton rag paper, seed paper and coffee husk paper so far.

Which would you like to pick next?

I honestly want to try every other variety of papers that Bluecat paper has. But linen paper and lemongrass paper are definitely my next order.

I like how Bluecat paper is made with Zero Waste, 100% Handmade, Recycled and Tree-Free Paper. I definitely recommend people to use bluecat paper. It is worth your try and the best part is that Bluecat Paper products are affordable as well.

Also, I want to try gift wrapping papers. They look amazing.

Sakshi sureka calligraphy on handmade paper
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