At Bluecatpaper we celebrate the artists who have taken a step to focus upon handmade paper which is eco-friendly, viable & sustainable in nature.        🌏❤🌲

This week’s Artist: Kerushna Bharucha
⁠Instagram: @bksa.boxes

What started as a hobby is a steady business for our talented #ArtistOfTheWeek Kerushna Bharucha

Kerushna Bharucha has always been passionate about the fine-arts, as it gives her an inner joy while creating anything, which takes her into a unique zone of her own. 

Tell us about yourself and your work

Hi, I am Kerushna Bharucha, a self-taught artist with my educational & work profile extending across Finance, IT & Insurance.

I have always been passionate about fine-arts, as it gives me an inner joy while creating anything, which takes me into a unique zone of my own. My hectic work & travel across geographies kept me away from it,

However, after returning from the Netherlands a couple of years back, a chance visit to an art shop took me right back to the roots of my passion.

How did you find out about the tree-free paper that Bluecatpaper makes?

I initially started painting on wooden boxes & gradually transitioned into paper.

However while doing so I wanted to focus upon paper which is eco-friendly, viable & sustainable in nature. I strongly believe that my art should be represented upon a product that is in harmony with the environment, besides this would also lead to the consciousness of others who will review my art.

My research on this quest led me to Bluecat paper & I am happy that I found a variety which helped me tick most of my requirements.

How does Bluecat Paper make your work unique? 

As the papers have their own texture, it enhances the work, even more, be it with technical pens or acrylic mediums, it gives art a very different and rich end look, making each piece unique.

What’s your process like while working on Bluecat Paper’s product?

Mostly I have used Handmade Paper (premium art cotton paper) in white and beige.

With the white paper I like painting with acrylics mediums, the paints get well absorbed into the fibres and are a bit sturdier as well.

I prefer to use the technical pens for the beige paper, as mentioned earlier, it really adds an elegant look to the final art. (note: avoid erasing for this particular paper)

I have also used these papers to create handmade envelopes and the outcome was fabulous

What other materials do you use along with Bluecat Paper?

I generally use my pencils, technical pens, acrylic paints and brushes.

What advice do you have for artists starting with Bluecat Paper?

One should definitely use these papers, the feel of the paper is really good.

For beginners, I would suggest starting with the White paper, as it is sturdier.

Also, try the assorted paper bundles available, which are great, to begin with, as you get the variety of different textures to try, enabling any artist to find what suits them best.

Do you have a favourite project or piece?

Yes! I love two of them

  1.     My Brothers Portrait
  2.     Winged Assyrian

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?


The range of paper from Bluecatpaper includes the following.

cotton rag paper | coffee husk paper | corn husk paper | linen paper | seed paperelephant poo paper |

hemp paper | mulberry paper | flax paper | lemongrass paper | banana paper | rice stubble paper |

coconut paper

Which paper did you use?

Handmade Paper (premium art cotton paper) in white and beige.

Which would you like to pick next?

Hemp Paper and Linen Paper

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