Artists are often told to take every opportunity that comes their way. 
At Bluecatpaper we are showcasing our super talented artists who care for the planet by supporting Tree Free Paper. 🌏❤🌲

This week’s Artist: Aishwarya Ravi⁠
⁠Instagram: Aishwarya Ravi

Aishwarya is a biologist in training & an artist at heart. She is currently pursuing her PhD

Aishwarya loves grains and the textures of Bluecat Paper’s handmade paper and she feels it adds charm to whatever is painted on it.

Tell us about yourself and your work

I am a biologist in training, moonlighting as an artist. I am currently pursuing my PhD degree at IISER Pune. I started painting at a very young age and was always encouraged to become an artist. But my interest in science led me to pursue a career as a researcher.

The recent pandemic rekindled the artist in me. I started creating art more frequently and posting them on Instagram. I work with water-soluble paints such as watercolour, gouache, and poster colours.

I like to paint landscapes and floral illustrations. I am a big fan of the art produced at the Ghibli studio’s and often find myself recreating scenes from their movies!

How did you find out about the tree-free paper that Bluecatpaper makes?

I buy my art supplies from Amazon, and they suggested me to check out your products.

How does Bluecat Paper make your work unique? 

The grain and texture of the paper! I feel it adds charm to whatever is painted on it. Moreover, I love the fact that I am contributing to a more significant cause by making a small change by shifting to tree-free paper.

What’s your process like while working on Bluecat Paper’s product?

I like to paint botanical illustrations on the tinted Bluecat Paper as the texture and colour make the flowers pop.

What other materials do you use along with Bluecat Paper?

I use standard cold-pressed watercolour paper from different brands.

What advice do you have for artists starting with Bluecat Paper?

I would suggest first to make sure to test the paints on the Bluecat paper and then proceed to paint your main piece. You might find that they behave a little differently when compared to traditional paper. But it is beautiful to use once you can figure out how the paint behaves on it. Honestly, it doesn’t take much time and effort!

Do you have a favourite project or piece?

I love how the Frangipani and the yellow bell flowers turned out. So far they are my favourite pieces

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?


The range of paper from Bluecatpaper includes the following.

cotton rag paper | coffee husk paper | corn husk paper | linen paper | seed paperelephant poo paper |

hemp paper | mulberry paper | flax paper | lemongrass paper | banana paper | rice stubble paper |

coconut paper

Which paper did you use?

I have used cotton rag paper.

Which would you like to pick next?

I would love to try the watercolour sketchbook and additionally try the coconut paper, flax paper, and lemongrass paper.

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